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SC was never simpler to find Homes for sale on Edisto Island, as our whole directory presently has over 102 lists. We can make the search of the perfect property easy by offering you the proper tools with pricing for houses to sell in Homes for sale Edisto SC beginning at $ 121,500!


The typical house price on Edisto Island is estimated at $799,000 by Coldwell Banker. At this time, on Edisto Island there are 27 houses on sale, 0 condos and 0 foreclosures included. You can get house valuations, explore the trendiest houses in Edisto Island and view the local agents of Coldwell Banker. Check out our market trends on Edisto Island page!


This is my blog about anything linked to Edisto. Although I was happy to visit several of the best beaches worldwide — from Africa to Hawaii and Costo Rica to Bahamas, I can certainly declare that Edisto Beach and Edisto Island, South Carolina, are not places.


It is a distinctive style which appeals neither to anyone but to us who are not seeking for the rollers, traffic, or high-speed hotels. Edisto is an unusual gem. You start to photographen Edisto now if you can envision a beach with your family in the 1950s. There are no hotels exclusively in Edisto, there are no hotels. You will have to rent one if you wish to visit Edisto and don’t have a property here. Fortunately, from big beachfront mansions to a single bedroom condominiums on the golf course, there are numerous alternatives available for rent. There’s a large number of real estate agents on the island that Edisto Homes for Sale offers.


It may sound unusual to put nothing on the top of the list, but it is extremely underestimated to do nothing as a marvelous amusement. In our everyday lives, schools, job, sports, PTOs, gatherings etc. have been lost art without accomplishing anything alone, or nothing as a family. Try it out. Block an hour, block an afternoon and nothing is the sole item on the agenda. On the beach, do nothing. Do nothing in a hammock.No television, no mobile phone, no IPad. Try to let me know what it’s all like. It may take some practice but better and definitely worth trying. It’s a little more convenient.

Edisto Beach and Edisto Island provide a wide range of great options for strolling. Walk to Jeremy Inlet beach in the north end of the island, or walk to the beach as you are on the right (I know, but you never know.}). Or go south to Big Bay Creek and St. Helena Sound, which reaches its end on to the Atlantic Ocean, or turn south (in reverse directions above).

More possibilities: Walk on Jungle Shores Road, dirt road that runs from blocks 2 through 10 along Jungle Road. Drive to Botany Bay or go to the boneyard beach or the lengthy dirt road labelled as “Tour.” Otherwise go along the beach. Watch Fox Squirrels (these articulations are not foxes but you definitely want to keep them from your nuts).

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