Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing

One great way to transform your personality for good is to learn Muay Thai kickboxing. It is a highly effective way to tap and boost all your hidden assets, while to shed off all the unpleasant habits, etc. that you may be having.

Let us study the Muay Thai training pattern. When you will go to learn Muay Thai, your training will have two broad divisions – a.) the body conditioning activities and b.) learning the actual Muay Thai techniques.

Why the body conditioning activities?

The basic objective of the Muay Thai training is to learn how to Muay Thai kickboxing. So this question might come in your mind that why you should go through body conditioning activities.

The reason is simple. Learning the actual Muay Thai boxe thai techniques is a highly strenuous and physically demanding affair. The body conditioning activities help the trainee develop his physical and mental strength to the level that he is able to withstand that strain and hardships.

The constituents of the body conditioning activities

The main constituents of the body conditioning activities are as follows –

Running – You will have approximately 18 km running per day, divided into two slots with one each for the first and the second half. During both the halves the running will mark the beginning of other training programs.

Stretching ¬- There will be around 20-30 minutes of stretching exercises everyday. That will make your body highly receptive to the other exercises and training activities. Stretching exercises are crucial before activities that entail controlled muscular strength and flexibility. Other benefits of stretching exercises include muscular elasticity enhancement.

Shadow boxing – You have to practice shadow boxing most likely in front of a mirror. That will help you to observe and perfect your technique and aim the punches, elbows, knees, and kick at your own figure. Shadow boxing is extremely helpful in preparing your muscles before stronger physical activities.

Bag work – You will have to practice kicks on a heavy bag for around 60 minutes per day. This will help you a lot to develop conditioning and muscle memory (the body’s ability to memorize or perform automatically a well rehearsed motion). Another great benefit of bag work is the development of shins.